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A shareholder agreement as a tool to protect and grow your investment in a startup?

Are you thinking on investing in a startup? But at the same time, not sure how your investment will be protected?

You can invest in many ways on a startup company. But not all of them provide you with the right protection that you may expect.

What about if you could have a better control of your investment by acquiring shares of the same company?

You will have a deeper insight of how the company is performing and eventually you may acquire rights on the company-decision management.

If this is your case, you should definitively close a Shareholder Agreement.

A shareholder agreement is a contractual arrangement among the company’s shareholders that outlines the set-up of the company.

This set-up includes, but may not be limited to, description of the business plan, capital and participation, management and governmental bodies and rights and obligations of the shareholders.

Due to the complexity of this agreement and the legal impact that may have for your investment, you should request the support of a legal advisor who is knowledgeable on this topic.

Bucare has the expertise to advise and/or to negotiate your shareholder agreement to protect your investment.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your case.

Guarantee seals: International Bar Association – Nederlandse Juristen Vereniging

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