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1.- Blockchain – Opening a new exchange business in Estonia

Estonian has become known in the business world as a leading country in blockchain. It was one of the first countries to offer cryptocurrency business licenses.

Estonia legislation allows a relative uncomplicated licensing environment with one license for crypto exchange and one license for e-wallets.

Certainly, an opening of a blockchain company in Estonia offers the EU member benefits. The free movement of establishment, among the other EU rights.

In other words, if you can get a crypto license, your company will be able to expand its business to other EU countries without additional licensing requirements.

Although, the Estonian way sounds such a great deal for investors in blockchain, a careful analysis needs to be made at the moment of choosing for your consultancy firm.

Many cases of medium to large scams related to online consultancy companies offering services to open and operate your blockchain company have been uncovered in the last months.

It is important to check thoroughly the consultancy firm before closing any contract of services.

Considering Bucare’s expertise and network in Estonia, you can always get in contact and check with us about your consultancy firm, the services offered and, if you like, we can also offer you our customized advice to your business.

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