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As an entrepreneur or medium to large investor, the Netherlands offers a great environment to open businesses.


Bucare Consultancy is your reliable partner to discuss your business legal needs and to come together with the best tailor-made solution.

Bucare provides services in the following areas:


Bucare provides strategic advice to establish your company in the fastest and more efficient way.

Our corporate service includes support and guidance on company establishment, restructuring, governance and compliance.


In Bucare, we focus in getting the best fit agreement for your type of business.  Our commercial approach understands the whole deal-making process. We advise, negotiate, and draft your contract all according to your needs. 


Bucare experience covers a broad range of commercial and corporate contracts including but not limited to procurement, finance, ITs, intellectual property protection, termination, and mediation agreements.     


Specialized in supporting corporate compliance.

Our expertise includes compliance analysis up to the implantation of the compliance program.

Privacy Law

Bucare support clients to establish their privacy policies with the current regulations.

We do not waste time in legal complexity of unnecessary privacy laws, but we aim to provide strategic advice that meet your business goals with legal compliance.

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