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Who are we?

We are a consulting firm based in Amsterdam, with a professional team with more than 12 years of experience.


Our focus is to understand our clients' needs and guide them through the right path to move forward successfully.

One firm = Legal & Business

Our aim is to provide you with top-notch,
tailor-made service at the best competitive rates.

Key values:

Sense of urgency = Considering that time is money, expect our utmost effort to give you always a soon reply

Adjusted to your needs = expect customized work according to your case. 

Culture of partnership = our aim is to build long lasting relationships based on trust and respect. You are not one more client but a partner for our business.   

How do we achieve it?

We hear your issue, we discuss it, and Bucare guides you to the best outcome.  


We work together as partners from the beginning to the end.


Our aim is to provide you with top-notch, tailor-made service at the best competitive rates.

Eduardo Petit


Eduardo is a proactive consultant with strong negotiation skills. He has three master’s studies and more than 12 years of accumulated expertise in corporate and contract issues. His work includes the establishment of new companies, shareholders agreements, sales and distribution contracts, licenses, service level agreements and blockchain/smart agreements among many other projects.

Eduardo is the atypical consultor with a mix of practical mindset for business and the analytical skills for legal issues.

Eduardo Petit.jpg

Julio Medrano


Julio is a diligent, strong-minded GRC Advisor with around 10 years of experience supporting Energy and  Technology firms. He is a hands-on, and dependable professional, with strong academic background and  comprehensive work experience identifying those potential risks that may hinder the reputation,  Compliance, privacy and security, and financial prosperity of a company.

Julio has experience supporting  developing and implementing administrative and personnel policies aligned with organizational needs and  goals with a proven track record of risk project management, document review, privacy law, compliance,  Internal Audit, government relations, IT, and corporate governance.  

Julio Medrano.jpg

We work with

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Tax return services for companies and individuals in The Netherlands.

More than 12 years work experience in closing customized contracts for your business.

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