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Legal and Business Advisor in the Netherlands

Welcome to Bucare

Do you need an advisor in the Netherlands?

Business, investment and legal services provided in the Netherlands

Are you not sure whether your case is included in the last three options? 

Our platform of legal and business professionals will guide you throughout your issue.

Customized advice

We offer you a customized consultancy session

at no cost.

Industry experts

More than 12 years of work experience in legal, contracts and business in the Netherlands.


Expect our response in

24 hours.

Full satisfaction

More than 50 fully-satisfied customers

What do our clients think of  us?

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- FRANKOLAYA Online Marketing.

"When I needed to establish my online marketing firm as a legal business in The Netherlands, it was very frustrating not knowing how to do it or where to go to make it happen."


Law & Blockchain

"Eduardo from Bucare Consultancy is a great legal professional with extensive experience, both in-house and as a legal consultant.


He is detail-oriented and client-focused, while being knowledgeable in multiple domains.


His personal approach facilitates healthy relationships and he's a pleasure to work with."


Moving Cocoa Company BV

"I started working with Bucare Consultancy when an investor came into my company and we agreed on equity share. I asked Bucare Consultancy to help me make the shareholder agreement".

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Bucare is an all-round legal and business consultancy firm dedicated to the creation of companies, corporate structures, commercial contracts and business advice.


Why should you choose our legal advice in the Netherlands?

We provide you with a professional, fast, exceptional, and customized service. 


After more than 12 years of accumulated work experience in legal and business issues to particulars and companies in the Netherlands, we can confirm that we know how the Dutch market works and what the applicable rules are. 


Our knowledge includes opening of your company or branch, registration before the Chamber of Commerce, accounting services, assistance with your company bank account and investment in the Netherlands. 


In Bucare, we are confident that we can provide you with the best advice adjusted to your type of business. 


Leave it in our hands,and you will see your business flourishing.

Why should I establish my business in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands offers you exceptional benefits from fiscal, labor and business point of views.


Next to the fact that the Netherlands is Europe’s gateway (the biggest port of Europe is located in the Netherlands), your business can join a buzzing market of 170 millions consumers in a radius of 500 km.


Not clear on which type of company suits you best? 

Still wonder which type of company or service you wish to have advice? 


How do I make business in the Netherlands?

Historically the Dutch are known as businessmen. They are direct, tolerant and open to quick negotiations, if there is enough interest.

It is critical to prepare well and keep an eye on details before the meeting. During the meeting, we advised you to explain your issues clearly and straight to the point. In general, it is not necessary to introduce yourself formally but professionally and to briefly explain your company, your product,  and your business plan.

Can a foreigner open a company in the Netherlands?

Yes, it is possible to start the process to open a company while being abroad. However some conditions need to be met in order to complete the process.

Please feel free to contact us for further advice.  

How long does it take to register a company in the Netherlands?

The process can go really fast, if everything is in place. A normal process will take between 3 to 7 business days from the moment that all documents are checked and sent to the Notary.  

How much does it cost to open a company in the Netherlands?

Costs will vary depending on every case. Feel free to contact us and get your quote. 

How much does it cost to start a business in the Netherlands? 

The minimum share capital will depend on the type of company.  Thus the share capital may vary from a minimum (0 EUR) to (45,000 EUR)


If you have doubts on which type of company suits you best according to your business model, contact us at Bucare. 


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